Pick Up Service
Please contact hotel for reservation in advance and provide flight details for our information to arrange pick up at the airport.
บริการรับ-ส่ง สนามบินนานาชาติเชียงใหม่ (ตั้งแต่ 07.00-17.00 น. เท่านั้น) van3bchiangmaiVan
600 THB for transfer pick up per one way.
• For arrangements of travel in Chiangmai, please contact reception for further information.

Car rental service.
• Car hire without driver: start 1,200-1,500 THB per day. Excluded gasoline.
(Toyota Vios, Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris)
• Car hire with driver : start 1,500-1,800 THB per day. Excluded gasoline.
• Van hire with driver: start 1,800-2,200 THB per day. Excluded gasoline.